Franchisors are still saying that finding suitable franchisees is one of their greatest challenges, but as always, some franchises seem to charge ahead no matter what the economy’s doing. We uncovered the secret of one of those franchises, Bin There Dump That.

“You know you're ready to strike out on your own — you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are eager to start planning your next steps. The decision between a franchise business and an independent business is a complex one, with many different factors. How will you know which one is right for you?”

This is a decision faced by many considering going into business on their own, but Toronto-based franchise Bin There Dump That is one of the few franchises we’ve come across which deals with the issue head-on. In fact, they’ve produced a useful infographic that helps would-be entrepreneurs make up their mind.

The infographic offers side-by-side insights on key decisions which viewers may not have thought about, such as:

  • Developing a business model
  • Determining your branding and marketing efforts
  • Corporate support and employee training
  • Financing your venture
  • Conceptualizing your exit strategy


When you click “Get the Graphic”, you get this:

As you can see, we downloaded the infographic and found it straightforward and as neutral as you’re going to get from a franchise company.

Bin There Dump That has recently set up a franchise recruitment website that’s separate from but linked to its consumer website - after all, people who see the need for the franchise’s services may also recognise and be attracted to the business opportunity.

In the recruitment website, we liked the simplicity and clarity of the options, which include a tour, video, free downloads and colour-coded starting points – there’s got to be an option there that would interest anybody visiting the site. The social media sharing links are also best practice.


We really, really liked this headline, the photo (presumably of real franchisees – it should say) and the free download form (although it could have been simplified still more).


In summary, the Bin There Dump That site follows franchise recruitment best practices by setting out clear benefits, using multi-media, telling the franchise’s story, making it easy to follow the investigation process, and providing a wealth of information about the franchise opportunity – even before the interested party has made personal contact with the company. No wonder they’re expanding at pace.


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Article by Robin La Pere, No Ordinary Business and Franchise Consultants

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