You know global franchising may be reaching saturation when the Japanese affiliate of Domino’s announces its intention to open the first restaurant on the moon. Or could it be an elaborate publicity stunt?

To date, only twelve people – all men – have been to the moon, but the space race of the sixties and seventies took on a new dimension more recently when Domino's in Japan announced plans to build a pizza restaurant on the lunar surface – for a mere $21.7 billion.

Spokesperson Tomohide Matsunaga even unveiled an artist’s impressions of what the restaurant might look like. Is that a Harley Davidson parked outside?

Of course, there's no guarantee that anyone loony - geddit? - enough to take the lunar franchise would be a man, so there's always the chance of the first woman on the moon.

Given that there have been no further announcements  since 2011, when the first announcement was widely reported around the world, we wonder if the whole thing could have been an elaborate publicity stunt.

But all the same, we think it would be a good way for Domino’s to launch the next phase of its expansion. And we’ve always thought the surface of the moon looked a bit like pizza – a kind of greyish, doughy pizza, reminiscent of something from the Domino’s value menu – and there’d be no shortage of cheese.

Article by Robin La Pere, No Ordinary Business and Franchise Consultants

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