A major strength of franchising is that it’s based on tried and true business models. Trouble is, in this fast-changing business environment, what’s tried and true one year may be tired or irrelevant the next.

Not surprisingly, one out of three franchisors is concerned about the viability of their business model.

Should you be concerned? Perhaps ‘vigilant’ and ‘prepared’ are more appropriate.

That's where we at No Ordinary Businesses and Franchises can help. Recognising the need for a simple yet powerful framework for assessing the relevance of your current business model, and identifying fresh new business models where required, we have developed the ­first Business Model Canvas for Franchisors.



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In thirty exciting years, Robin La Pere of No Ordinary Business and Franchise Consultants has been at the forefront of tremendous innovation and change across industries as diverse as banking, FMCG, retail and construction.


Now he has combined his wealth of experience together with the latest thinking on business model generation to meet the changing needs of the franchise industry with these three new services designed to meet the different business modelling needs of our clients:



Thinking about starting a new business but not sure how the business model stacks up? Or concerned about the robustness of the business model in your current business?


BModel Assess provides you with an indepen-dent analysis and reality check.




Designed specifically for start ups and new business units, B Model Design utilises a variety of strategies and techniques—including environmental scanning, customer insights and market research - to come up with innovative business model options and prepare them for prototyping.




 It’s one thing to identify promising new business models, but quite another to obtain the necessary buy-in from your people, teams, partners and stakeholders, and implement them in your business. But B Model Shift is not just about change management, it’s about developing a whole new culture of innovation within your organisation to ensure your business model remains fresh and relevant in the long term.



Download our free ebook, The First Business Model Canvas for Franchisors, for a summary of everything you need to know about assessing and revitalising your current business model, or creating a brand new business model from scratch.


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