We selected, completely at random, 20 franchises operating in New Zealand and rated their franchise recruitment websites against world-class examples from Chem-Dry and Voodoo BBQ. Was yours one of them? How would it rate?
The benchmarks we set included: 
  • Multiple pages
  • Strong visual appeal
  • Uses multiple media such as interactive graphics and videos
  • Distinctive or separate identity from the main franchise website to improve search engine optimisation
  • Tells a story reinforcing the brand
  • Sets out clear information gathering and franchise application processes
  • Uses franchisee success stories and testimonials using photographs of genuine franchisees and customers
  • Provides extensive information about the franchise opportunity (potentially including start-up costs, typical sales and profit levels, and royalties) or the opportunity to readily download more information such as a Franchise Information Report
  • Automatically qualifies prospects through desired franchisee profiles, FAQs and information on start-up costs
  • Provides strong incentives for leads


We were surprised to find little evidence from the sites we reviewed that New Zealand franchisors or master franchisees fully appreciate the value of the web as a franchise recruitment source. In most cases, any reference to franchise recruitment was tacked on to the franchises' main websites as an extra tab or link, and in many cases, warranted only one page (one franchisor had only a paragraph - perhaps they don't need any more franchisees).


Even worse, two international franchises' New Zealand websites linked back to their US franchise recruitment pages, with no mention of New Zealand at all.


Only one of the twenty franchises ticked all the boxes above.

We're hoping that we just struck a poor bunch of franchise recruitment pages in our random sample, and that if we throw the net a bit wider, we'll find some better examples. So in the next issue of No Ordinary Franchises, we'll expand the sample to 50 - and show you the pick of the bunch, as well as some of the, er, less spectacular examples.


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