Can you remember what it was like running a business before the mobile phone came along? Neither can we. And we feel the same way now about cloud computing. But although franchising and cloud computing are a marriage made in heaven, a fact that should be obvious by now to even the most IT-challenged franchisor, we hear that not only are some franchisors not using cloud computing to its full extent – and its extent is growing by the day – but also some are still putting up a last-ditch resistance to the whole idea. Oh dear. That will never do. Here’s why.

Cloud computing is, quite simply, the best thing to happen in franchising since Ray Kroc met the McDonald brothers.


Don’t give me any “Yeah, but’s”.


“Yeah, but what happens if the internet goes down?”


“Yeah, but what about security?”


“Yeah, but what about all our franchisees who don’t even know how to switch on a computer?”


To which our response is:


“Yeah, but how can you manage your franchise in ways that have never been possible before, add incredible value for your franchisees and keep light years ahead of the competition, if you’re not using cloud computing?”


And almost as an afterthought, we add: “Oh, and you’ll save money.”


“Success lies in the system” has always been franchising’s mantra but until cloud computing came along, ensuring your franchisees were following the system meant constantly badgering them to get their monthly reports in, and having to look over their shoulders – literally – to find out where they were going wrong. Those were the bad old days.


We’ve been involved in cloud computing for nearly ten years now, and while we’ve seen some amazing ways it’s being used, we can say we’ve never come across a franchise that’s using it to its full potential. That’s because, as we mentioned earlier, nobody knows what the cloud’s full potential is. It just keeps growing every day.

Over the next few issues of No Ordinary Franchise Email Newsletter, we’ll take a look at some of the innovative ways in which franchises are already using the cloud and the cost benefits of switching to the cloud.



Interested in switching to the cloud, but don't know where to start? Or already using the cloud, but want to make better use of it? We at No Ordinary Franchises and Businesses are franchising people, not technology people, which means we speak your language. Our approach is to evaluate your franchise's needs, then match the technology to your needs, not the other way round. The Initial Consultation is free. Contact us now.




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