Quadruple Bypass Burger, anyone? We thought the Heart Attack Grill concept featured in our last Wacky Franchises article was quirky, but it turns out that owner Jon Basso is serious. Deadly serious. “My food will kill you,” he says in this revealing video interview, “but I’m the only one that’s honest about it.”


Basso is almost certainly the only person in the world who has appeared on national television with a bag allegedly containing the cremated remains of a customer.

“I will tell you something – he died of a heart attack at my restaurant and I am putting the bag clearly on the table,” says Basso. “I am probably the only restauranteur in the world unapologetically telling you my food is bad for you and will kill you and stay away from it… This is nature taking its course.”


The young interviewer is clearly shocked by this. “Is this the way to make the point that you are making?” she asks.

“I make good money joking about how bad my food is,” he replies. “But at least I am honest. I wish that Burger King and everyone else would do the same thing.”


Given that the calories in one of the Heart Attack Grill’s Quadruple Bypass Burgers (9,982) is the equivalent of 13 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers (750 calories), we’ll let you decide whether Basson is really trying to make a point or is really the smartest marketer out there. Check out the video on Bloomberg Television here.




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