Marketing Strategy 


  • Strategic reviews
  • Marketing planning
  • Online and offline campaign strategy
  • Event management
  • Sponsorship optimisation
  • Campaign and project management


Writing for Business


  • Presentations - written or on PowerPoint
  • Bids, tenders and proposals
  • Intranet organisation and content
  • Technical writing
  • Manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Company stories
  • Prospectuses and annual reports
  • Articles
  • Awards applications
  • Newsletters and communications


Writing for Marketing


  • Creative and copywriting
  • Advertising concepts and copy
  • Web strategy and content
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs
  • eBooks and white papers
  • Social media strategy
  • Brochures and fliers
  • Product manuals and fliers
  • Sales presentations


    Writing for Pleasure


    • Consultation on your fiction or non-fiction writing
    • Co-writing and ghostwriting
    • Editing
    • Proofreading




























      Content Marketing 



      Online Content Strategy has become a big part of what we do, and these two high-quality ebooks were recently produced for Fix It Renovations.



      Manuals and Business Toolboxes



      We've got very good at turning complex business and operating processes into easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply manuals and documents. Our projects have included many franchise manuals, technical documents and business toolboxes, including A Toolbox for Business Excellence for Fletcher Aluminium based on the Baldridge Quality framework - a internationally recognised framework which, incidentally, is also used for most Quality and Award programmes.










      I'm Robin La Pere. I've been helping businesses to sell more and grow throughout a career at the leading edge of marketing. Here's what I can do to help your business and some examples of my work.





      and we are the kings of content


      Want your website to rank in the search engine Top 5? Who doesn’t? Bill Gates coined the term “content is king” and, as usual, he was right on the money. But the quality of your content - website, blogs, ezines, articles, ebooks and so on - makes all the difference. We create content that’s fresh, relevant and original.


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      • The key to an effective Content Strategy
      • How to boost your brand, SEO and sales with effective ebooks, blogs and other Top 10 Content Marketing tools
      • 10 proven ways to make your content more powerful


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      Free Consultation and Report


      Contact us for a free Initial Consultation PLUS our professional Online Content Evaluation Report. Free and with absolutely no obligation.








      Everything, everywhere, anytime,

      for anyone you want


      The days of the Manual are gone. RIP. Today, more and more businesses and franchises are storing their  collective knowledge in the Cloud. Everything is accessible everywhere, anytime, to anyone who choose to give access to. That's the power of the Intranet.


      Let us show you how to get the power. Contact us about our free initial consultancy on your documentation or intranet needs.




      Articles which may interest you


      Growth Strategies: Why Starbucks is no McDonald's clone, even though it is moving into developing markets, juice and even - shock! horror! - franchising


      Social Media: Why nearly 75% of US franchise systems are now using Facebook as part of their branding and sales strategies


      Why Confessions of an Advertising Man is still required reading for business owners 50 years on


      Why your marketing sucks


      Barack Backing: Five Guys gets a visit from the President and $100 million from GE


      The Mesh: Is sharing the future of business? And how might that affect the franchise industry?









      Marketing Campaigns


      This campaign still makes us smile. The rest of the wording, the part you probably can't see under the headline, reads "until I contacted Robert Turner", a financial planning consultant. Not sure if the IRD was amused, but Robert certainly liked it!




      These were part of a series of "Famous Excuses" retro humorous postcards, doorhangers, advertisements and online elements for home handyman franchise Hire A Hubby. Frustrated wives throughout New Zealand could relate to the excuses, which included "I'm not feeling too well" (left postcard) and "I'll do it in a minute".



      For leading home renovations and extension franchise, Fix It Renovations, we built a comprehensive and integrated campaign around this powerful theme with TV, press, magazine and outdoor advertising, marketing collateral, and an online campaign. 






      Award Winning Applications


      Going for awards sharpens your business skills and processes, and even just entering can really make a difference to credibility and sales. We've been successful in helping several clients win prestigious awards.



      Direct Marketing


      This was one of our proudest moments. This direct mail fundraising campaign for the CCS Society for the Disabled was one of the first of its kind.


      With personal stories and photographs of real people who would benefit from the donor’s generosity, it was a new style of campaign - and it brought in unprece-dented donations.


      We had similar success with campaigns for the Red Cross, Cancer Society and Celebral Palsy Society.



      Company reports, prospectuses and investment proposals


      This prospectus was behind a successful Money Market Fund launch, and an investment proposal we prepared recently was successful in attracting a $US10 million investment offer for our client from a major investment company in Beijing.