It made Ray Kroc of McDonald's wealthy beyond his dreams. In fact, franchising has made more people wealthy - franchisees as well as franchisors - than any other business concept ever. So why not you?


Got a business or business ideas? Looking to franchise a business? Take the Test here to find out if your existing business, product, service or idea stacks up as a potential franchise. It costs nothing and takes about five minutes.


When you've finished, click Submit and we'll come back to you, usually within 24 hours, with your Franchise Feasibility Report.


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1. Do you have an existing business, product or service, or just a good idea?


         Existing business, product or service

         Good idea for a business, product or service



2. If you have an existing business, product or service, how long have you been operating or offering it?


         Less than 1 year

         1 - 2 years

          2 - 5 years

          5 + years



3. How is your business, product or service, or your idea, different from its competitors?


          Lower cost

          Differentiated i.e. it is different from the competition and stands out as having clear advantages

          Blue Ocean i.e. it is unique, a completely new concept or innovative twist on an existing concept

          Niche i.e. the product, service or business operates in its own niche market with little competition



4. In a few words, give us your "elevator pitch" - i.e. describe in just a few words your existing business, product or service, or your idea for a business, product or service, and why someone should buy from you. You will need to give us enough detail to make a judgement call, especially if it's a 'blue ocean' idea.





5.  Is your business, service or product profitable?


         Not yet, working on it

         Yes, but could be improved

         Yes, achieving healthy profits



6. How much would someone need to start up a business like yours? (Include set up costs and initial working capital required. Also take into account any cost savings you could now achieve from your experience in having already set up the business. Don't include any franchise fees.)


        Less than $9,999

        $10,000 - $19,999

        $20,000 - $49,000

        $50,000 - $99,000

        $100,000 - $199,000

        $200,000 - $399,000

        $400,000 +



7. The potential market for your business, product, service or idea is:



        Regional (Australia and New Zealand)

        National (New Zealand wide)

        Localised (main centres only, certain areas only)



8. The competition for your product, service or idea is:




        Minimal or non-existent



9. How systemised is your business?


       Very little

       Basic documentation and processes

       Well documented with efficient systems and processes

        Fully computerised with systems for every part of the business



10. How long would it take you to teach someone to effectively operate your business?


        A day or two

        3 - 7 days

        8 - 14 days

        3 - 8 weeks

        More than 8 weeks

        Special certification or long-term training required

        Candidates must already have specific qualifications e.g. trade, technical or university



11. If you do set up a franchise business, how would you run it? 



        Under management (someone other than yourself)

        Business partner already known to me



12. Tick the statements below which best describe you:


        I am a good leader

        I enjoy and have experience in working with people

        I am an effective coach and trainer

        I understand the value of a brand

        I have the ability to sell

        I am passionate about my business or idea

        I have access to additional capital

        I intend to remain in the business for the long term



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