We can help you make your business, product or service not ordinary




Ordinary has never cut it in the business world - although there are an awful lot of pretty ordinary businesses, products and services out there, most of them not making any money or on the way out.


Being good enough is no longer good enough. Being better is no longer good enough. Being different is no longer good enough. You must be unique in a way that matters to your customers.


We have the tools and skills to help you find or create the uniqueness in your business, product or service, and then promote it effectively to your market.






We don't want to be paid unless you think we're worth it



The difference between us and other consultants and, let's face it, just about everybody else, is that we don't want to be paid what we think we're worth. We want to be paid what you think we're worth.


That's why we are prepared to give you so much free and low-cost stuff right at the start so you can decide if we have what you're looking for. It's why we are prepared to spend time - at our cost - before we start working together to make sure we can really add value to your business. And it's why we prefer to provide you with a fixed price for your project.








We're renaissance men - er, people




We don't claim to be anything like Leonardo, except that we are generalists rather than specialists. We can't paint, sculpt or design weapons of war, but we do offer a diverse range of skills and services. We are creative, strategic, ideas people. Before we became consultants to business, we ran other people's businesses and, later, owned our own. Before we became franchise consultants, we were franchise managers and, later, franchisors. Before we became marketing consultants, we had years of success in creating marketing campaigns and making other people rich. 




So whatever your problem or need, chances are that we can help you with it without having to refer you to lots of other people. And if we don't have all the answers or the depth of knowledge to solve your problems ourselves, we won't hesitate to bring in specialist professionals from our own network.





We're not afraid to get our hands dirty




We had lunch with some friends of ours the other day, respected business consultants, and the conversation went like this: "We love strategy. We hate execution. We just like coming up with the ideas, not implementing them." They were appalled to hear that we take the opposite view. After all, what good is theory without practical application?


A case study: We worked with the CEO of a leading New Zealand housing business to review and reengineer his business model and franchise system, then went to work on the sales training and support required to lift franchisees' performance and the marketing required to generate new business. The result? The business became one of the fastest-growing companies in New Zealand, entering the Deloitte Fast 50, picked up the Franchise Association's Business Leadership Award and was a finalist for both Franchise of the Year and Franchisee of the Year. Oh, and sales soared to well over $100 million.