Because we donít believe in ordinary franchises.

We donít believe ordinary is enough to cut it in the business world any more.

We believe in helping our clients become extraordinary.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra, American football coach Jimmy Johnson famously said.

Our mission is to help you achieve that little extra. To take your franchise beyond what you thought possible. To ensure there are no ordinary franchises Ė only extraordinary ones.

Because success in franchising is about doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

So whether you have an existing franchise thatís in need of some help, or a business that you want to franchise, our purpose is make a difference, to help you stand out in the marketplace.  

Whoís behind No Ordinary Franchises?

I am no ordinary franchise consultant. My name is Robin La Pere. I started my career as a copywriter and creative director, creating advertising campaigns for, among others, Panasonic, Singapore Airlines and the early Apple.

That led to an interest in marketing and strategy, to the leadership of marketing departments, then whole business units, then franchises.  

I have had the pleasure of working with innovative new business models since Apple burst into the market with its unique personal computers. I was at the forefront of major new movements in the retail, financial, construction and franchise industries.

Life has never been boring!

As a franchise consultant, I work with established franchisors wanting to improve their franchiseís performance, as well as entrepreneurs looking to turn their businesses into franchises. I offer a range of services, including strategy planning, business model generation, systems and document development, franchise recruitment, coaching and speaking, and marketing consultancy.

I maintain that to achieve effective change management in a franchise, it helps if your consultant has real hands-on experience in franchising and a deep understanding of the different motivations of franchisors and franchisees.

Even my own business model is out of the ordinary.

I borrowed it from my doctor, Sharad Paul. In addition to being a GP, he is a leading skin specialist, author and philanthropist who lectures all over the world. He has been dubbed Ďan open heart surgeoní by Time magazine and nominated for New Zealander of the Year. You would expect him to charge like his high-priced colleagues in specialist medicine.  But he believes his services should be accessible to all who need them. He achieves that by keeping his overheads low. He doesnít have a glitzy practice in Remuera or Epsom. His practice is highly systemised and efficient. He brings in specialist help as and when required.

Thatís much how my consultancy practice works. I donít like sitting in traffic, so I have an office based at home. I like flexibility, so instead of employing staff, I get help from virtual assistants and a virtual team of some of the leading experts in their fields. I use Skype to keep in touch with my clients and associates around New Zealand and the world.

Best of all from my clientsí point of view, I donít charge for franchise documents such as strategy plans, manuals, disclosure documents and franchise agreements as if Iíve developed them from scratch. Like all franchise consultants and lawyers, I utilise best-practice templates which Iíve developed and proven over time, and use my expertise to tailor them to the specific needs of your franchise business Ė but the difference is, I only charge for the Ďtailoringí.  

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, but work with clients all over the world. To arrange for a free Initial Consultation, no matter where youíre based, contact me at or use the Contact Form.  

Robin La Pere: Business, franchising and marketing consultant

Article by Robin La Pere, No Ordinary Business and Franchise Consultants

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