My children have stopped watching TV. I never thought Iíd see the day. Just a few months ago, they would have been happier losing an arm or even a leg rather than not being glued on a semi-permanent basis to the goggle box.


The reason for the change? Theyíre too busy doing other things. Healthy sports? Interesting hobbies? I wish. No, theyíre busy with much more interesting things. Online games, social media and texting their friends, to name a few. 


At the same time, Iíve stopped buying newspapers and magazines Ė the paper ones, I mean. But I havenít stopped reading newspapers and magazines. Itís just that I now read them online, mostly for free.


All of which says a lot about the sea-change that is occurring in the news, communication and entertainment industries thatís giving the business of marketing a shake-up.


"[There's a] sea-change ... that's giving the business of marketing a shake-up."


At this point I must confess I have without shame or apology borrowed the title for this article from the book Your Marketing Sucks by Mark Stevens. I liked the title because itís ballsy and immediately identifies a need and, for many franchise owners and other business people, a sore point. Thatís why many of the people who purchased the book from and then posted a review on the site said the title was the reason they bought the book.


Letís face it, it got your attention, otherwise you wouldnít have read this far, right?


But the dusty old Marketing 101 textbook tells us that for marketing to be effective it needs to go further than that. Itís not enough to simply identify a sore point. Youíve got to make an offer that promises to solve the problem. Then your product or service, plus the way you deliver and price that product or service, must all live up to the promise Ė or youíre never going to get the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell and keep that customer for life, marketing's ultimate aim.


And thatís where Your Marketing Sucks falls down. In fact, the title may not suck but the book does, according to the majority of the Amazon reviewers, who gave it just one star out of five. They complained that the book never delivered on the offer implicit in the title that it would show them why their marketing sucks and what to do about it. Although most agreed with the bookís main premise Ė that when you donít start with a plan or strategy and donít have a way to track results, you may as well be throwing your money away Ė they were clearly disappointed to find that the book isnít a "how to" guide containing lots of great ideas they could use and a step-by-step guide to creating the ideal marketing system.


"... the book isn't a ... step-by-step guide to creating the ideal marketing system.

I'm not going to make the same mistake."


Iím not going to make the same mistake. I donít want to disappoint you and be forever branded with just one star. So Iím going to make you an offer that I hope you wonít be able to resist. Over coming weeks Iím going to show you exactly why your marketing sucks and what to do about it. In each of a series of emails Iím going to send you, Iíll give you that step-by-step guide I talked about above, as well as lots of marketing ideas and tactics you can use in your franchise business.


Best of all, Iíll give you all this for free. You donít have to do a thing except NOT press the Unsubscribe button.  The next insight-filled series of articles will just turn up in your inbox. Then the next, and the next.


"Best of all, I'll give you all this for free ... it's all brought to you by what Wired magazine's

Chris Anderson calls the Web's 'freaky land of free'." 


Wonderful, isnít it? And itís all brought to you by what Wired magazineís Chris Anderson calls the Webís ďfreaky land of freeĒ. In this land, the online versions of much of the print media, including many newspapers and magazines, are free. Online games are free. Almost everything Google offers is free. And you can even get a lot of music free Ė legally, thanks to progressive bands such as Radiohead and a host of others that arenít famous yet but are hoping theyíll get noticed by offering their songs for nix.


All this free stuff is helping to make the Internet, electronic games and online auction sites more addictive than nicotine and P mixed together. In fact, like a cigarette packet, they should come with a warning label permanently affixed, in the top right corner of the screen.


Trouble is, itís all so addictive that many business and marketing people who are normally quite savvy have become so swept up by the whole Web thing that theyíve abandoned reason completely and chosen to ditch their traditional marketing for the new media. Big mistake. Immediately, their marketing has started to suck.


"... it's all so addictive that many business and marketing people who are normally quite savvy ...

[have] abandoned reason completely... Big mistake." 


Thatís because although the internet and the electronic world seem ubiquitous, theyíre not. One out of every two people is still watching good old-fashioned analogue telly. No Freeview or Sky for us, thank you very much. More than 1.6 million New Zealanders are still turning to traditional paper newspapers every day and more than 1 million watch ONE News or 3 News every night. These people may also be using two pieces of flint to light their coal stoves, but they are still the majority.


Having said that, it is another big mistake to dismiss the Web as a fad and simply continue to market your business as you always have. That sucks because the Internet still offers some outstanding opportunities to reach your target market more cost effectively than tradition media. In fact, pay-per-click marketing services such as Adwords and Facebook are a marketersí dream because you only pay for results and you can monitor the success of every campaign in real time, using analytics to enhance your campaign and build on your success.


If your marketing sucks Ė and it probably does, simply because it is virtually impossible for even the most savvy marketer to keep up with the ever-changing smorgasbord of marketing developments and opportunities out there Ė we invite you to contact us for a free Initial Consultation on how we can help you. 


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